I can’t install Contra… “Could not access network location \VSTPlugins”

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I have a problem…

I want to install Contra Free but when I run setup. This shows me the following message “Could not access network location \VSTPlugins”. So I tried to create a folder with that name “VSTPlugins” everywhere (Logically, in my program files where there is already a folder called the same way. Of course, Windows asks me if I want to merge the folders)… but, It doesn’t run.

Besides that, I also tried to install as admin but It shows me the same message

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Asked on 12th March 2017 7:24 pm
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Hi Alejandro

Sorry for the delay in replying. It seems that the installer is thinking you C: drive is networked, which is strange.

When you get to the page on the installer that asks you for the directory to install to, is it showing ‘VstPlugins’? If so can you try copying this in to that box

C:Programg FilesVSTplugins

and then click the browse button to make sure that it is now finding a drive, after that find the correct folder and is should install.


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Answered on 1st April 2017 11:07 am

Hi, I hope you’re fine…

I have done everything possible and I haven’t been able to install it. I really dont know why i can’t do it.

I’ve tried everything possible and I get the same problem.

I’m sad because i want to try plugins. I like that idea because that’s useful when I going to compare compressors

If you get another solution let me know… please

( at 8th April 2017 7:28 pm)
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