Bundle – Stochas, Contra, MSg, Structure


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Stochas has a unique randomisation engine that is designed to work either in mono or polyphonic modes and can be used to create evolving melodies, rich sounding string and synth sections, unique bass lines and even chaotic yet looping drum patterns, perfect for live and recorded performances.  With features that include chord input, predefined scales, custom midi mapping, groove templates, note chaining, as well as polyrhythmic and polymetric patterns, Stochas is a step sequencer and composition tool like no other.
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Take the effort out of making crucial decisions for your mix and speed up your workflow. With Contra as part of your essential toolbox you no longer have to spend hours clicking through different plugins to find the right compressor to make your drums punchy or reverb to give your mix depth and dimension: Contra does it, without you having to touch the mouse. With your hands free your ears can focus on whats important – your music Read more here

Super charge any plugin in your list and make it Mid-Side compatible, giving you the power of this technique across your entire mix. Now you can have your favourite compressor on your drum bus, function like the legendary Fairchild 670’s Lat/Vert mode or your favourite vintage EQ model on your guitars/keys/instruments and use it’s sonic qualities to give the vocal a bit more space, without having to load an additional less musical plugin to achieve the same results. Read more here

A plugin that takes out the tedious task of using meter and trim plugins or applying gain reduction directly on the files to get a solid foundation level for mixing.
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