Contra Free has been voted a top 6 freeware utility by MusicTech magazine

I could not have predicted this at the start of the year when I set out to work to develop Contra, which started out as a set of clunky Applescripts to control ProTools. Those who were kind enough to support me during the first year know the problems we had with Contra and getting it to behave properly, I often asked for their input and ideas jokingly saying how could we make Contra the free plugin of the year. Still today we are trying to make some serious changes to an element or 2 to improve the performance and because we’re still working on it, I was incredibly surprised when I saw the mention come across my twitter feed.

It certainly has made the first year of work worthwhile, especially when just recently I thought it was going to be a year of wasted efforts with a couple of plugins that people were not overly excited by and has inspired me to continue with the development of the other plugins and to continue working on Contra to get it to the next major development phase and incorporate some of the ideas and suggestions users have put forward.

Here’s to the next year of plugins!


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