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MSg-ScreenshotTaking inspiration from the legendary Fairchild 670’s ability to process in Mid-Side mode, the MSg plugin allows you to take any plugin and process them in a Mid-Side configuration. Now you can have an 1176 operate in Mid-Side mode on your drum bus or an Neve 1073 EQ on your keys or guitars and use those famous curves to give a boost to the high-mids and make them stand out, whilst using that same sound to give the centre channel a bit more space for the vocal, without having to load an additional less musical, often quite surgical plugin afterwards to try and achieve the desired results. Mid-Side processing has long been the secret of top mix and mastering engineers and now it’s advantages are available to everyone and in a more powerful way than ever thought of before.

MSg gives you independent control over the mid and side levels both on input and output, allowing you to drive the sides a little more into a vintage modelled plugin, so that it imparts that desirable harmonic distortion and saturation, then reduce the level back down to allow it to fit perfectly in the mix. There is also a wet and dry mix on both the mid and side channels, so you can allow a completely dry signal though the mid channel and heavily process the sides to add some interest and life to the wide parts of the mix.

Mac OSX AAX Native 64bit, VST3, VST and AU
Windows AAX Native 64bit, VST3 and VST